Minecraft world limits ?

9 January, 2023

Minecraft world limits ?

Minecraft is a popular sandbox game that allows gamers to create a vast world of their imagination. Minecraft, like all games, has its limitations.

Two physical restrictions are imposed on a regular world: the build limit and the world border. As of Minecraft1.17 the build limit begins at Y level 0, and ends at Y Level 256. The world border is the second limit. It lies at the edge, millions of blocks from the center.

These limits are impossible to overcome. A Minecraft Redditor, u/Protocat_, showed a popular method to cross the world boundary and amazed the Minecraft community.

The world border will greet any player who reaches the other side of the world. This block layer prevents players from placing blocks or going beyond it. Minecraft Redditor, u/Protocat_ achieved the impossible by crossing the world border.

The post started with u/Protocat_ standing before the world border that was generated at the top a woodland mansion. OP (Original poster) has placed a boat on the border of the world.

OP moves his boat to be as close to the international border as possible. After confirming that everything was correct, OP exited the boat and was teleported to the other side of this border. This is a well-known glitch that allows players to access restricted areas within Minecraft.

OP was able to cross the international border but Minecraft wouldn't let them walk too far outside. OP was forced to again use boats to travel impossible distances. The game sent them to an unknown place as soon as they reached their destination in the woods.

OP was still at the international border when he started to glitch. To get to the border, they quickly used an ender pearl. Many members of r/Minecraft were astonished to see OP's video.

Redditor user GreatDepression_irl was amused by the creation of the Overworld woodland mansion. It is one of the most rare structures in Minecraft.

Redditor u/Lodostic made a joke about how Minecraft can break Minecraft by entering its world border. Then Minecraft can break Minecraft by causing strange glitches.

Reddit user u/Dugnaldo was interested in why OP was wearing armor while creative mode. He pointed out that OP was also wearing a totem for undying.