SMP Servers

30 December, 2022

SMP Servers

There are many ways to play Minecraft. You can race against the clock as a speedrunner or build your own world. The sky is the limit when it comes to multiplayer. There are many mini-games and community servers that you can play in Minecraft.

SMP stands to Survival Multiplayer. These games have become more popular in the past year, as the Dream SMP became a huge success.

Although it is a vague term, it will be used by the Minecraft players to describe the Minecraft server. Dream SMP was a scripted server that told a thrilling story. An SMP is a server that allows players to play together in a group and enjoy Minecraft.

Knowing the differences between SMP servers can help you choose the right server for you.

What are the different types of SMP servers in Minecraft?


SMPs are governed by rules and you could be banned for violating them. Anarchy SMP servers are the best option if you want to jump in without any preparation.

Anarchy SMP servers don't have any rules. This means that players can do whatever they want in the servers. Although the rules-free life can be attractive at first, it can quickly become boring due to the toxic environment these servers create.


Factions is the closest type of server you can get to experience the SMP experience that you see on YouTube. You can join Factions SMP servers to claim land, loot or fight against other factions.

Factions SMP servers often push forward the PvP side of Minecraft because you will need to resolve differences between factions in any way that isn't diplomacy.


Every day, the core Minecraft gameplay experience is enough to keep many players hooked. Players will discover all the mods that make Minecraft more enjoyable as they get deeper into the game.

Modified SMP servers will come with their own set mods, which players will need in order to participate in the server. These mods will allow you to fully enjoy the server's potential. These requirements may change from one server to another, so you might need to have a different set of mods for another server.

You may find that you spend more time on Modded SMP servers. It might be a good idea to create separate mod folders you can drag and drop depending on which server you are playing.


Minecraft players may not be as keen on the PvP side of the game. Some players may find PvP frustrating, as there are often players who will try to ruin your progress.

SMP servers that are peaceful disable PvP so players can progress and communicate in a less chaotic but more exciting environment.


Skyblock SMP servers can be described as a race against the clock. You'll be on a floating island once you join one. You will only have one goal: to maximize your resources and ensure survival on the island, while expanding it.


Even if you are a veteran, the untouched Minecraft experience can still be a refreshing one. You can have even more fun playing with your friends when you use Vanilla SMP servers.

Vanilla SMP servers allow you to share the core Minecraft experience again with your friends. Although there will be no content shortage, you won't have the same quality-of-life features as some modes.


Even if you want to go vanilla, it's not always possible. Once you get used to the meta, Vanilla may feel sluggish or just a grind.

Semi-Vanilla servers attempt to correct this by allowing plugins which make the core gameplay more enjoyable without changing it in any significant way.

How do you join an SMP server in Minecraft

Most likely, joining an SMP server in Minecraft will not be different from joining another server. You'll need to find a server close to you from a server list and punch its IP address in to Minecraft to join it. You may receive a list of rules when you first enter a server. These rules will help you save your life later if you want to be the best possible server user.

You can also find review-based SMP servers, which accept invites and focus more on role-playing. These servers usually have their own website, where they can accept applications and then review them one-by-one. You may be required to create your character and write a backstory before you can submit a request form.

Although it sounds like a lot of work and time, roleplaying SMP servers can be a great experience for Minecraft players. Roleplayers are serious about the game. You'll become an integral part of the server's narrative, and may even end up being the most important.