Top 5 achievements in Minecraft

20 December, 2022

Top 5 achievements in Minecraft

Minecraft's most valuable resource is the experience points. To enchant, repair, rename, or enchant their items, players need XP.

Players can earn experience points in Minecraft in many ways. You can increase your XP by killing mobs and smelting food.

Players may not be aware of a secret way to earn XP. Certain advancements give players shiny green XP coins. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in Java Edition.

5) Arbalistic

Arbalistic, a hidden achievement in Minecraft, gives 85 experience points. This advancement requires players to kill five mobs using one shot with the crossbow. You can achieve this enchantment by using the Piercing IV enchantment.

If they are all in one block, arrows fired from a crossbow with Piercing IV may damage five mobs. To gain Arbalistic advancement, players can place five mobs of low health into one block.

4) Subspace Bubble

Subspace Bubble is an easy advancement in Minecraft. This advancement requires players to travel 10,000 blocks across the Overworld with the Nether.

After traveling 875 blocks, players will need to enter the Nether dimension in order to create a nether portal. This portal will allow players to spawn 10,000 blocks away in the Overworld. Subspace Bubble advancement gives 100 XP.

3) Top Tourist Destinations

Hot Tourist Destination can be obtained by players visiting all biomes in the Nether realm. To complete the advancement, players will need to visit nether waste, crimson and warped forests, soul sand delta, and basalt Delta.

Players will be able to gain 500 XP after they have walked into each biome. This is similar to Minecraft's Adventuring Time advancement.

2) Adventuring Time

Adventuring Time requires players to visit every biome within the Overworld. Because there are more than 40 biomes in the Overworld, this advancement requires a lot of time and effort. Players will receive 500 experience points upon completion.

1) How did we get here?

How did we get here? This is the most difficult advancement in Minecraft. This advancement grants 1000 experience points. How did we get here? You can get every survival effect you want.

Advancements aren't the best way of gaining XP. It is still cool Minecraft trivia that gamers can share with their friends.