Top 5 new features in Minecraft

17 December, 2022

Top 5 new features in Minecraft

Minecraft 1.18 will be released in Part 2, Caves and Cliffs Part 2. This update adds many game-changing features and new content that Minecraft players have been eagerly awaiting.

Minecraft 1.17 was primarily focused on adding new items and mobs such as candles, axolotls and goats to Minecraft. Minecraft 1.18 will be more focused on creating worlds and ore within Minecraft.

5) A new ore generation

Minecraft 1.18 introduces a revamped ore-generation system. Changes have been made to the levels at which each ore can be generated. This works in conjunction with the world's depth limit. The number of ores in one ore chain has increased dramatically, particularly for ores such as copper, iron, and coal.

4) Copper buff

When Minecraft 1.17 was released in July 2021, copper was the most recent ore to be added to Minecraft. Copper was specifically added to Minecraft for building purposes. Other ores are not suitable for this purpose. Minecraft 1.18 allows players to use the stonecutter for cutting copper. This is done by making a duplicate of a copper block and dividing it into four times. As opposed to the 2-3 previously, players now receive 2-5 copper ore when mining it.

3) Cave and mountain creation

Minecraft 1.18 has completely redesigned mountain and cave generation. Minecraft 1.18 now allows mountains to grow up to the new limit of 320 blocks. Six new mountain sub-biomes were added to the game.

Different underground biomes have been created by reworking caves. They also create large, hollow spaces within them that could potentially expose a variety of minerals and other resources. Lush caves, and dripstone caves are two examples of underground cave biomes.

2) Make limit changes

Minecraft 1.18 introduces a new build height and depth. The height is now at level 320 and the depth to -64. These changes also affect other aspects, such as ore generation and building possibilities in the game.

1) The lush caves

Minecraft 1.18 is adding lush caves to its ecosystem. These bright green caves are home to a variety of flora, including glow berries and azalea trees. They can also be used as light sources in the biome and can be eaten as food.